Win in The New Market

Healthcare is going through profound change. We help medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceutical and services companies successfully quantify, communicate, and capture value in the new market.

Mind The Gap

Many sales and marketing teams need new strategies, skills and tools to successfully compete in the new market.

Value & Buyer Gap

The market and buyer has changed – have you?  Selling, marketing and pricing based on clinical features & benefits is a receipe for excessive discounting, accelerating price erosion, longer sales cycles, denied access to VACs, frustrated salespeople, and dissatisfied customers

Quantify & Use Value

Quantify and use the economic value of the solution in pricing & selling


Connect to Payment Model

Connect value to customers’ payment model, pay-for-performance, and population health model

Navigate The New Buyer

Successfully navigate buying committees, professional buyers, and buying groups

Our Solutions

Pricing Consulting

Help you quantify your value, set a clear pricing strategy, improve your practices, and plug price leaks

Sales Training

Give the sales team the skills to confidently sell value, navigate buying committees, understand the customers’ business and successfully engage professional buyers

Value Selling Tools

Quantify your value, connect the dots to the customers’ payment models, and craft winning value tools

Marketing Training

Better quantify, communicate and capture value of new and existing solutions in the age of value-based purchasing

Market Research

Help you develop and leverage key pricing, buying behavior & process, and value insights to set a winning strategy

Keynote Talks

Whether your audiences is 1000 or 20 people, you’ll enjoy our engaging, insightful and thought-leader keynote talks

eLearning Courses

Professionally designed eLearning courses

These courses are designed to help you create, communicate, negotiate, and capture value. Many courses are available and continually being updated.

Winning with the New Buyer

The healthcare buying process and buying behavior are changing dramatically. Procurement and economic buyers play a much more important role in supplier selection. Suppliers need to adapt to these market changes to win with the new buyer.

pricing strategy, medical devices

Strategic Pricing for Medical Technologies

Setting a winning pricing strategy and capturing a fair share of value for medical technologies can be challenging. This course provides a comprehensive framework, tools, and strategies to set and manage prices of medical technologies.

Procurement Master Class for Sales

Whether you are intimidated by procurement people, frustrated with procurement people, or want to better navigate procurement, we teach you the principles, strategies, tactics, and tools that procurement people learn.

Hospital Finance for Sales

This course is intended to give you a strong grounding in hospital finance with a focus on using this knowledge to help you be more effective in selling.

Recent Publications

Books and thought leadership to help you successfully navigate the changing buyer and capture value.

Healthcare Value Selling

Learn how to navigate the new buyer, sell your value, defend your value against buyer games, and get paid fairly for the value you deliver.

Strategic Pricing for MedTech

This book provides a comprehensive strategic & tactical framework for pricing medical technologies. Winner of the Axiom Business Book Awards –  Bronze  2013.

Selling to Procurement

Learn the secrets of professional buyers and how to be more successful in selling through or to this buying influence. Learn to play buyer games.