Client Results

What We Do

We help healthcare suppliers successfully navigate the changing market. The volume to value evolution of healthcare systems is changing how buying decisions are made and how care is delivered. Our focus is on helping suppliers understand this changing market, use value strategically, and capture a fair portion of the value delivered.

Our clients include medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and health services companies. Over the past few years we have executed strategy, training, and research projects around the world in: cardiovascular, heart failure, peripheral vascular, stroke, neonatal, general surgery, women’s health, urology, endoscopy, spine, orthopaedics, minimally invasive surgery, incontinence and ostomy care, CRM, diabetes care, and other specialties.

We respect our clients’ confidentiality. We never disclose our client names. We’re happy to connect you with a client if you need a reference! Our clients range from Fortune 50 healthcare companies to medical technology start-ups. Over the past few years we have training over 6000 salespeople, and have executed projects for over 40 medtech, pharmaceutical, and health services companies.

  • Medical Technology 55% 55%
  • Pharmaceutical 25% 25%
  • Healthcare Services 20% 20%

Sample Client Projects

Our projects have included consulting, training, and market research. For consulting and training, our approach is built on 25 years of experience in healthcare and thought-leader tools and proprietary frameworks. For market research, we work with research partners around the world, and have access to respondents in virtually any market, function, and specialty in healthcare.

Price Leak Project for U.S. Medical Supply Company

After working with a major generalist-consulting firm and getting no results, this client turned to us because they wanted a different approach. We worked with the client team as an expert advisor. Our team included deep expertise in medical device pricing and also experts in data analytics. We conducted a complete review of pricing practices and identified over 4% of revenue in price leaks. Along with the client, we defined a practical implementation plan and coached the client in capturing the leaks. We put a portion of our fees at risk and were paid based on results.

Value Analysis Committee Simulation

A start-up medical devices company with a new product launch wanted to test the new product’s positioning, value-proposition and value messaging with a value analysis committee (VAC). We organized and executed a VAC meeting simulation. The feedback from the simulation identified a number of issues in the product’s positioning, value story, and as well as potential sales traps that needed correcting to optimize the product launch.

Winning With The New Buyer Sales Training

A global medical devices company wanted to prepare it’s sales team to be able to successfully navigate the buyer and sell its value. We developed a customized half-day value selling program for 400+ sales personnel. The feedback from the program participants was exceptional.

Fortune 100 Medical Supplier Pricing Diagnostic

A Fortune 100 medical supplies company wanted to shore up its pricing practices in face of a changing global marketplace. We conducted an assessment of its pricing practices across six areas and 60+ best practices. We identify strengths and areas of improvement needed to be prepare the company to win in the evolving market.

Innovative New Product Pricing Strategy

A top medical devices company launching a new-to-the-world cardiovascular technology wanted help in setting a winning pricing strategy in the USA. We worked with the launch team to: sharpen the value story, better connect the technology to healthcare reform value drivers, determine the right pricing strategy, and craft an action plan to successfully launch.

Hospital Economic Buyer Research

A global pharmaceutical company launching a new drug into the hospital market needed assistance in identifying the barriers and levers of adoption. We conducted qualitative research with C-Level hospital executives and created clarity on specific adoption barriers and actions needed to overcome.

New Diagnostic Solution Pricing Potential

An early stage diagnostics company looking to develop a multi-year investment plan for clinical trials and product development. The company needed an expert assessment of the price potential of its new technology. We developed a rough value analysis, conducted customer research, and defined a range of price potential for its technology to assist in the planning future investments.