Our Solutions for Marketing Teams

Marketing teams play a more important role than ever in the changing healthcare market. The old “feature and benefit” marketing approach is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the new market.


We provide custom training to help your team win in the new market. Training programs include:

  • Value discovery
  • Pricing strategy
  • Learning the buyers’ playbook and process
  • Healthcare reform for marketing

Market Research

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research. Our unique skill comes in applying our buyer and value lens. Research includes:

  • Pricing and willingness to pay
  • Value lever identification and quantification
  • Buying process and influences
  • Value Analysis Committee Simulations

Value Selling Tools

We help marketing teams develop practical, easy to use, and provocative value tools. This includes:

  • Research on value
  • Tool and messaging testing with economic buyers
  • Development of tool in simple to cloud-based platforms


Clear strategy is becoming more important as the market and buying grows in complexity. Our strategy work includes:

  • Pricing strategy
  • Market strategy & segmentation
  • Portfolio input and modeling
  • New service models and offering strategies