Our Solutions for Pricing & Market Access Teams

All of the changes to healthcare around the globe mean that pricing and access strategy, decision, and processes have tremendous bottom line impact.


  • Define a winning pricing strategy
  • Identify and plug price leaks
  • Assess your pricing/value capabilities against best practices
  • Create contracting & tendering strategies
  • Develop an offering strategy to defend your value


  • Pricing strategy training
  • Value discovery and quantification


Market Research

  • Quantitative pricing research
  • Qualitative pricing research
  • Value identification & quantification
  • Buying process, levers, and influencers

Capturing Value Through Pricing

Our Pricing Capabilities and Pricing Leak Assessment rapidly measures your performance in six areas against 70+ best practices to identify value leaks and improvement opportunities.


medtech pricing assessment

Shape Payment & Value

Shape reimbursement and clearly define value proposition


Set Pricing Strategy

Set a clear pricing strategy aligned with goals & positioning


Create Offering Strategy

Design flexible offerings to capture value and serve needs


Define Pricing Rules & Governance

Define clear global, regional, and local rules & governance


Price Execution

Manage price, tenders and contracts aligned with strategy to achieve goals


Sell & Defend Value

Arm the sales team to sell value and negotiate effectively

We have a proprietary assessment tool and deep experience. This allows for a rapid identification of price leaks and improvement opportunities.

Our assessment tool compares your current state to 70+ best practices to identify leaks and improvements.

This is not a theoretical exercise. These assessments usually identify 1-4% in price leaks. We will also work with clients to coach or help implement improvements.

We feel so strongly about our service that we’re happy to put our fees at risk to help you find and capture opportunities.

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