Healthcare Pricing Training

Pricing in healthcare is different from most any other industry.  Consultants or others who tell you otherwise don’t know what they are talking about.  Sure the basic principles of pricing apply to just about every industry.  However, the unique elements of healthcare make pricing more challenging and require a depth of expertise in the industry to apply pricing successfully.  Our healthcare pricing training is designed to give your marketing, sales, finance, and other groups the skills, knowledge and tools to successfully set and manage pricing.  It mistake-proofs pricing strategy and get’s everyone speaking the same language.  It is specifically designed to help you understand, quantify, communicate, and capture value in the new age of healthcare reform.

Here is an outline of the program topics:

  • Importance of pricing
  • The healthcare ecosystem and your pricing
  • Value in healthcare
  • Different pricing approaches
  • Understanding and quantifying customer economic value
  • Communicating customer value
  • Developing an offering strategy and business model variations to defend and capture value
  • Choosing a pricing strategy
  • Managing pricing for more profits