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8 Value Levers All Suppliers Should Know

Based on recent research, this whitepaper identifies 8 value levers that hospital supply chain and procurement use to extract value from the supplier network. Insights and actions for suppliers are identified.

New supply chain distruptors changing the game in MedTech

This article discusses new organizations that are going after the $300-500B in medtech spending annual. These organizations focus on taking costs out, improving quality, and bringing transparency to the buying decisions.

Selling in The Age of Value-Based Purchasing

This full-length article discusses actions companies need to take to better sell and defend their value in the age of value-based purchasing and accountable care. This was originally published in Salesmastery magazine.

Price pressure acceleration: 5 ways device companies can prepare

This executive briefing was originally published in OrthoKnow magazine. It’s focused on illustrating the key external forces driving changing buying behavior and accelerating pricing pressure. The article provides five ways that device companies need to prepare.

Price and value transparency

This article in the Journal of Professional Pricing discusses the three types of transparency emerging – price, value, and outcomes. It also discusses actions suppliers can take to better manage transparency.

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