Pricing & Value Strategy

We have deep expertise and experience in many healthcare and B2B markets helping clients identify, quantify, communicate, and capture value.

Rapid Price Assessment & Improvement Plan

Since pricing usually touches many different parts of the organization and there are many people involved, gaining consensus on a plan can be difficult.  We work with clients as a coach and advisor to put together a plan that fits your organization’s needs.  We have proprietary tools and methodology that allow us to quickly find the root cause of issues and leaks, and put together an improvement plan. Our Pricing Kaizen Process is a rapid improvement process that does the following:

  • Quickly identifies the critical issues and the root cause of pricing defects
  • Gains organization visibility and alignment on the key issues
  • Quantifies the opportunity
  • Creates a plan together with your team to drive improvement

New and Existing Offering Pricing Strategy

Defining a pricing strategy can be a challenge. This is particularly true for new innovative technologies, or businesses transitioning into a new life cycle, or business cycle changes.  Utilizing a proprietary methodology and framework, we help your business sort through this complexity to arrive at a robust pricing strategy that will optimize your value.

Offering Strategy Development

In many situations, the right answer to what appears to be a strategic pricing problem is not adapting the pricing strategy, but rather involves redesigning the offering strategy.  An offering is the combination of the core product, value added services, and business terms that comprise the offering.  Being able to effectively vary the offering is important.  This is particularly true as markets mature or when faced with low-cost competitors.

Economic Value Marketing

We help businesses identify, quantify, and communicate their unique value to different segments of customers.