Selling Value In Healthcare

The healthcare market is rapidly evolving to value-based purchasing.  Selling value in healthcare is different than any other industry.  Don’t let inexperienced or naive consultants convince you otherwise.  Healthcare buyers view value in three dimensions – clinical, economic, and psychological.  We help healthcare product and service supplies understand, quantify, and communicate their value.

Selling Value Training

We teach sales teams how to navigate the customer’s buying center and present the right value story to each member of the buying center.  We also help the sales team understand differences in buying behaviors across customers, and how to match your selling strategy to different types of buying behaviors.  Our training program has the following options:

  • In-person training
  • E-based learning
  • Train-the-trainer

These programs can be full-day, half-day, and executive briefings of 1-2 hours.  Each program will be customized to your specific needs and business circumstances.