What We Do

We engage with clients in a number of ways depending on the client’s specific needs, business circumstances, and budget.  We believe in knowledge and skill transfer.  Our goal is to develop the client’s team to be successful.


We are experts in understanding, creating, communicating, and capturing value. This includes:

  • Quantifying customer value
  • Buying behavior and value research
  • Using value to design new offerings and new solutions
  • Developing a pricing strategy
  • Identifying and driving improvements in pricing process, systems, and people
  • Using Offering strategies to defend value and fight low-cost competitors
  • Communicating and selling value
  • Negotiating value with economic buyers
  • Accelerating Adoption of Innovations

We have a special level of depth and expertise in healthcare and medical technologies.

We help clients drive profitable growth through managing value across six key areas:

six parts of value for website


Strategic Advisor:  We work as a strategic advisor to help the client’s team solve problems, craft robust strategy, and develop plans.  We also work on large complex projects to help clients’ manage market research initiatives and to guide the best use of other consultants.  We typically work on a retainer or per diem basis on these projects.

Consultant:  These are typically longer projects that require many weeks to complete and often require some form of customer research, analytics, problem solving, and strategy development.  Our goal is to structure these projects to provide skill and knowledge transfer through out the project so that the client team can make the new strategy or change a part of how they do business.

Workshop Leader: These are typically half-day or full-day problem solving workshops where we bring together a range of client stakeholders to solve a specific problem or gain agreement on a new course of action.  We use multiple change management, pricing, value, and lean six sigma tools to help bring about positive change for your business.

World-class Instructor: We train sales, marketing, and R&D teams in creating, quantifying, communicating, capturing, and defending value.  We have trained over 3000 healthcare supplier professionals.  We have deep experience working across all areas of healthcare and every geography.